House Rules


  1. We have a 15-minute wait rule in effect at all times.  The members will wait 15 minutes from the start time of an activity to allow time for late members to arrive.  After 15 minutes, the members in attendance will proceed with the activity.
  2. All person’s children are always welcome at all MOMS Club events at all times.
  3. You must be an active member to be involved in an activity group.  You may bring an interested guest, but only twice to any activities and then they too must be an active member to participate in future activities.
  4. No smoking or consumption of alcohol in the presence of children.
  5. Parents are always responsible for their own children, including cleaning up after snacks.
  6. They toys that the children will be playing with should be safe, relatively clean and age appropriate.  Also, toys that will instill a negative impart are discouraged (i.e. play guns/knives/swords).
  7. Every mom is responsible for her own child/children’s behavior and discipline.  Children, being children, may get into fights; however, physically destructive behavior such as biting and hitting should not be tolerated.  If an incident such as those described above occur, please remove your child from the situation for an appropriate “time-out” (or whatever it is that you do in your family).  If the incident occurs again, please remove your child from that activity for the rest of that day.  Please remember that this behavior is a NORMAL PHASE OF DEVELOPMENT for almost all children.  Treat the offending child with patience and respect and understand that the mother is doing the best that she can.
  8. Children may not hit, kick, push, bite or verbally mistreat other children or adults.  In the unfortunate event that these behaviors occur, the child will need to be directly supervised by the parent at all times (child must be in parent’s sight at all times).  If the behavior continues, the child will be temporarily withdrawn from the MOMS Club activities until the behavior has been ceased.  Removal and returning to activities will be done at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  9. Please do not attend any of the meetings, events, or playgroups if you or your child has a fever, pinkeye, cold and/or runny nose (that is not allergy related), any infections in which you started antibiotics within 24 hours or less, or any rash unless diagnosed by a doctor as benign.
  10. Please remind your child/children to be respectful of all adults, as there might be times that general intervention might be called for.
  11. Children need to be reminded to stay in the designated play areas and to be respectful of other’s properties.
  12. If your child damages or breaks something (valuable or not), it is your responsibility to offer to repair or replace the item.
  13. Even though there is a board, we welcome any and all suggestions.
  14. The MOMS Club© website is  with the user name as: mommy and the password as: daytime support.  When entering the username and password, copy exactly as printed.